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September 10, 2017 by Chris Christou

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean that has suffered in the hands of different countries during its rich history. After being ruled by different countries, tourism started picking up in Cyprus in the early sixties. However, the going was smooth till the summer of 1974 where the Turks invaded Cyprus. With this invasion, economic activity came to a standstill, the tourism of Cyprus suffered and Cyprus got divided, and has been divided since then.

However, the Cyprus Tourism Organization decided that tourism would be the key to generating fast economic growth to Cyprus. And while accepting the challenge to bring Cyprus back into the tourism world, the Cyprus Tourism Organization managed to spearhead the reconstruction effort. And it was this pressure from the tourist industry and the environment that Cyprus faced, that it was decided that a Strategic plan of a span of ten years will be adopted. The main reason it is needed to have a strategic plan is so that a sustainable tourism product dose not damage the environment.

When creating the Cyprus strategic plan of 2010, focus was placed in the environmental components of Cyprus when implementing the strategy of the product. The main objective in the strategic plan lay in evaluating different environmental concerns of Cyprus to find out which played an important part in the sustainable future of the tourism sector of Cyprus. As Cyprus has a unique climate and a wide number of fauna in Cyprus, it is possible to compare and find out which factors played an important part in deciding the future of tourism of Cyprus.

Though the Cyprus strategic plan offers many benefits, it tends to lack in environmental sensitivity. It is very important for the authorities of the strategic plan to provide a clear vision to its people on the environmental conservation measures that were decided to be implemented in the program. Along with this information, it is necessary to explain to the host community on how they can become a member of the decision making process of the strategic plan. On being informed of being a member of the decision making process of the strategic plan, the citizen is sure to make most use of both time and money in promoting the island Cyprus, to the global world.

There is more emphasis on environmental and social carrying capacity issues of Cyprus in the strategic plan. It is also important to lay more stress on the type of tourists that are found around the island. With a life-cycle approach, it is possible to seek and promote different forms of tourism to act as an important strategy in the revitalization of mature resorts in Cyprus. . Another important issue of the strategic plan lies in the promotion of cooperation between governmental organizations that have a role in the development of tourism. It is only with the cooperation of governmental organizations will there be more life on the slopes of cyprus.

It is but imperative to concentrate on two central pillars of Cyprus to achieve success in the strategic plan for tourism, 2010. These pillars are Cyprus culture and the environment. With this plan, don’t get surprised to find Cyprus back in contention for being one of the best tourist destinations of the world. As Cyprus is at the crossroads of three continents what lie between East and West, you find a multidimensional qualitative tourism experience in Cyprus.

Along with promoting tourism, the overall quantitative target that lies in the strategic plan lies in attaining double total revenue from the tourism industry of Cyprus. It is aimed at attaining this target with the help of focus on offering quality and value for all money that is related to the plan.

The strategic plan of 2010 also aims in improving the quality of life of the people of Cyprus. This is so that these people will enjoy more, and in the process, do more for the economic progress of Cyprus. It is basically aimed at increasing the economic receipts from tourists and tourism with an increase in the par capita spending of tourists that are favorable to tourists.

Cyprus also aims at increasing the peer capita spending of tourists so that the inflow of tourists experiences a stealthy increase in the tourist demands of Cyprus. It is aimed in increasing the possibility of repeat business in the shops and places of interest of Cyprus. With this, there is an increasing possibility of finding an increased number of arrivals of tourists and visitors in Cyprus.

Another point to be borne in mind is that there are strategic aims at improving the value of money for visitors with the upgrading and differentiation of the different tourist products of Cyprus. This means that the facilities and the places of interest will be developed and improved so that visitors will yearn for a repeat visit to these places.

It is also decided to make the island of Cyprus a much better place to visit with the improvement of the tourist attractions of Cyprus. Since Cyprus is basically an island having scenic contrasts, it is possible to make many changes that prove to be beneficial to Cypriots and their economy. Remember, the climate of Cyprus lets all visitors to the island of Cyprus to participate in numerous activities all year long. There is no need of being an expert, there are provisions for many games and sports in Cyprus that includes swimming, sunbathing, golf, tennis, cycling, trekking and of course, diving where both novices and experts can play in.

The government has focused in attracting foreign investment by relaxing the rules and regulations of the island. There has been so much leniency in the administrative procedures of Cyprus that sometimes, as much as hundred percent of foreign participation is permitted in some business endeavors.

So it can be seen that the strategic plan of 2010 of Cyprus generally focuses at increasing the tourism to Cyprus, which in turn improves the economic condition of Cyprus.